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Understand your customer

Get actionable data from your customers and build automated communication flows to improve their experience.
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Key CRM features

Imagine if your parking business could build a relationship with your customers. Your customers would no longer be anonymous vehicle license plates driving in- and out of your parking lot. Instead, you would recognise the human being behind the wheel and offer a parking experience like no other. 


Chat with your customers via the ParkMan app. Our chat tool is especially helpful if the customer is experiencing some type of problem and needs help or guidance.


After each parking session, users have the opportunity to rate their experience. With our CRM, you can get insight into how your customers are experiencing your parking facility. 

Loyalty programs

Incentivise people to choose your parking facilities whenever they are driving in areas where you offer parking services. 

User data

Slice and dice your customer base into different categories, and learn their behaviour. Target different services to different groups based on their needs.


Configure text-and-image instructions to your customers and trigger the instructions at the right moment. Before purchase, during a visit, or after purchase. 

Missing something?

Our mission is to build the best possible platform for your so that you can run get a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Let us know what feature you need!

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