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Streamline your parking expenses

See why 10.000+ companies trust ParkMan

We 💚 our customers

ParkMan is used by 10.000+ companies in Finland, Denmark, Lithuania and Estonia. Scroll down to see why!

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Why choose ParkMan?

Scroll down to see why our customers choose ParkMan. We are eager to help you streamline your parking!


Great coverage

ParkMan can be used almost everywhere in the country.


Customer support

ParkMan aims to offer the fastest response times on the market, with the best satisfaction rates.

Simple Invoice

Simple invoicing

When you receive an invoice from us, we want it to be crystal clear and easy for you to understand how much you pay us, and for what.

Cost effective

Cost effective

We want to be the most cost effective parking app on the market now and in the future.

Net promoter score 85

Net promoter score

Many businesses choose ParkMan because they heard about it from a friend. We are incredibly happy about this


Save time

Time is money. Let your employees use less time on parking, and more time on productive work.

Ready for some parking magic?

We would love to see you as our customer!