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Turn your facilities into a marketplace of services 

Sell many types of services at your parking facility

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Simple to find, simple to buy

Delight your customers with a simple step-by-step flow. 

Select an option below:
  • Visitor parking
  • Monhtly subscriptions
  • Parking permits
  • Car wash
  • EV-charging

Coming soon

We will be adding the possibility to sell car wash services via ParkMan soon.

Coming soon

We will be adding the possibility to sell car wash services via ParkMan soon.


See nearby parking options

Select the correct parking option from the list.


Confirm details

And tap pay parking


Extend or stop 

Add time to your parking session or end it at any time. Pay for the exact time used.


Get receipt

After user ends the parking, he/she will be charged right away.


Find monthly parking

Select from the list a monthly subscription that suits you.

Subscription screen 2

Confirm details

to confirm purchase of the subscription

Subscription screen 3

Accept terms

Read the terms of use for the subscription and accept or decline.

Subscription screen 4


Build a long lasting relationship with your parking operator.

parking management dasboard price calibration

Support for complex prices

Parking prices may vary based on weekday, time o day, type of facility, landlord demands, etc. No worries. With ParkMan, you can configure almost any type of price for your visitor parking.  

instructions 3-1

Configure custom instructions

Every parking lot and facility is a bit different. That is why we give you the option to configure instructions to the users that interrupt the user in different stages of the purchase flow. This makes your customers aware of special circumstances in your parking facility, and leads to a better customer experience.

parking revenue reconciliation

Reporting and data portability

We offer you total insight into all data produced at your parking facilities. We also offer data portability. It means that if you one day decide to leave ParkMan, you can take your data with you. 


See nearby permits

Select from the list


Confirm details

And tap apply


Read and understand

Tap accept if you do


Apply for permit

Fill in the information form that the merchant may require


Get updates

When your application gets approved or denied, you get notified. Happy parking!


Simple permit application flow


Incoming application

A customer has filled in the application according to the requirements you have configured. 



You review the application and determine if it should be accepted or not, based on your criteria.



The customer gets notified of an accepted or declined application, and proceeds to pay the permit if application was accepted


Manage your permits in our easy to use web dashboard

ParkMan gives you full access to manage your parking permits and automate workflows. You can configure your own application criteria to a very large extent, and we are happy to add more custom criterias if you need them.


Want to learn more?

We want to offer you the best possible service by understanding your exact needs, before we make promises. Therefore, we always recommend a short meeting to discuss your needs.