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Integrations ⚙️

ParkMan is designed from the ground up to be a modular system that can be used by our clients in the way they see fit. We do not bundle up our service and force you to use all parts of it. Instead, we let you choose the modules you need. And to each module we offer integrations. 

Access control

ParkMan can integrate to any access control ANPR system. We are already integrated to 10+ systems and can easily integrate to more. 

Parking enforcement

It is easy to integrate ParkMan to any tool your parking enforcement officers might be using.  


If you have a data lake or a so called "parking hub" where you want all ParkMan payments to go, that is easy to achieve. 


We offer a Reporting API that you can use to pull sales data directly from ParkMan to any third party reporting platform you may use.

Some of our integration partner

We have a robust collection of APIs to make integrations possible.


Want to know more about our integrations?

Reach out and let's schedule a call to discuss your needs in more detail.