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All your locations in one place

Get a birds-eye-view of your operations

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Different types of parking locations supported by the platform


Street parking zones

Draw your parking zones with our point-and-click tools. Build a map of the exact number of parking spots available on each street and make better decisions based on exact demand data.


Surface lots

Draw your locations on the map and pinpoint entry- and exits so that your customers know exactly how to find your locations. 


Commercial garages

Decide how many of your parking spots you want to use for visitor parking, and how many you reserve for monthly subscriptions.  Offer a free-flow parking experience o integrate to your gates.


Airports & Harbours

Optimise your airport revenue with our parking reservation system, and offer a variety of payment options to those who drive up with no reservation. 


Event parking

Are you about to organise an event with a large volume of customers entering and exiting at the same time? Reduce parking bottlenecks with ParkMan. 


Residential parking

Manage your residential permits in one place and make the application process simple for your tenants. Make extra income by offering your extra parking spots to drivers in need of parking. 

Collect valuable data from your parking locations: 

  • Occupancy data

  • User satisfaction score

  • Earning per spot



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