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Why choose ParkMan? 👀

Six reasons to choose ParkMan

Everything we do has one goal. How can we deliver a user experience that makes our users smile. 

Great coverage

ParkMan can be used in most streets, garages, airports and private parking areas there is. Read more about where you can use ParkMan here.


Customer support

If something ever goes wrong and you need help, we will be right there for you


Dual account

Parking for work or pleasure? Choose who will pay for your parking - you or your employer!


Camera parking

When you enable Camera parking, your parking payments will automatically be handled by ParkMan when your drive in and out of parking garages. 


Save time & money

With ParkMan, you only pay for the exact parking time you used. And your parking experience is the same no matter where you park. No more wasting time searching for pay-stations!