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Connect the digital and physical 

Make your parking business easy to find, and measure conversions.

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Targeting options 🎯

With ParkMan you can build different audiences based on different targeting options. Below we list some of the most powerful targeting options we have.

Location based

Send offers and discounts to people in a specific geographical region.

Vehicle type

Reach out to users based on their vehicle type

Parking history

Target people who have parked in specific locations. 

Chat history

Build an audience of all users who have chatted with your customer support.

Date based

Target people who use ParkMan at a specific date range.


Incentivise people to use your indoor parking facility on a rainy day.

Delight car drivers with discounts 

Send discounts to specific user groups that you have targeted using our targeting tools


Receive a gift

When a user fills your audience criteria, a push push notification is sent to user and user will receive a discount. 


See your discounts

Discounts are stored in the users parkMan-app until they expire. 



When the user selects a discount, ParkMan makes it easy for the user to navigate to your garage

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Marketing on external platforms   

With our magic-links solution you can promote your business on third party platforms and in the physical world, and build a conversion funnel to your content inside the app. This is great if you want to hand out flyers to people in the streets, or do partnerships with nearby shops. 


Marketing Analytics 

Getting a user excited to try your service once is one thing, but the real trick is to build a base of loyal users. With our analytics tools, you can see how different user cohorts that were subject to your marketing started to use your service, and what your ROI was. 


Want to boost your parking buisness?

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