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Accept many types of payment

Make your inventory available on third party platforms and maximise sales.


Cash flow from many sources

ParkMan is an open platform, meaning that you can broadcast your inventory and services to any channel. Each sale will be attributed to the channel where it was sold. This allows you to sell your services in the most relevant channels in each market, and it allows you to enable local payment methods based on customer preferences.


ParkMan app

Use our native iOS and Android app to connect with your users, collect payments, and much more. 


QR-code payments

ParkMan offers a QR-code based payment flow that allows customers to pay for parking without downloading an app.


3rd party apps

Integrate any third party app to ParkMan and allow users to chose what app they want to use.

Want to learn more?

We want to offer you the best possible service by understanding your exact needs, before we make promises. Therefore, we always recommend a short meeting to discuss your needs.