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Sell and manage your Visitor, Permit parking

Run your parking business fully on the ParkMan service, or offer the Parkman app as a complimentary service to your visitors. Anything is possible with our modular service

Some of our merchant partners
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Merchant dashboard

With ParkMan, you get full transparency. We offer you insight and direct access to your userbase. Our mentality: People who parkin in your facilities are your customers. Our mission is to build the best possible tools for you so that you can run your parking business and deliver a "wow" experience to your visitors. 


Simple payments

ParkMan allows you to collect parking payments through the ParkMan app. The user can pay for parking with ease, and get on with her/his day. This is both cost effective and user friendly. 



ParkMan is integrated to all of the most popular access control systems. This means that you can allow your visitors to enjoy a fully automatic payment experience. Users are identified via ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) andpayment is automatically processed via ParkMan



Interested in making parking easy?

Adding ParkMan as a payment option at your parking facility is super easy.